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allow h.s seniors NBA entry

 It has been awhile since I have heard anything about the Nba loosening up its belts on graduating high school seniors to be eligible for the NBA draft immediately after their Senior season.
 I thought I would revisit this once popular subject  because it is obvious that regardless of what one thinks about education and how important it is, the fact is that if you are/were in the top 25 in the nation coming out of high school in previous seasons you were heavily considering entering the N.B.A  draft. There's always those that argues that the kids needed an education but honestly the top 25 in the nation one and only goal is to play professional basketball in the N.B.A , and if something happens where by some strange chance they do not make the league they would go over seas and either stay their for the whole career and be paid well or hone their skills and return back to the states.
 Most of those, that, year in and year out who come into the nba are college underclassmen and the season before last the N.b.a set a record for the most freshman ever to enter and become drafted into the league.
 Sure one could argue that by spending a few years in college it will help these players develop but honestly as it has happened in the past ever since Keven Garnett the N.b.a paid some of this fresh out of high school rookies to learn while riding the bench for most of the season or all of it.
 While that argument can be made, most of h.s senior rookies could care less about playing in college for years then they do about on hand training in the n.b.a immediately.
 Last years rookie Derrick Rose did not want to go to college he wanted to go straight to the nba but because of the new rules he was forced to play in the league. Today Memphis is suffering the backlash from illegally fixing scores and grades so Rose could be eligible so he could play college ball for all of one year which they knew coming in. playing one year does not even mean gaining a year of college academia under your belt it adds up to one semester so you can be eligible for the winter semester which runs into March. Once January classes start those who have already decided they will only play for that season have already stopped going to class, so again where is the logic on top nba prospects being held back or punished a year in ncaa if they don't want to.
 While you are pondering that not only are the players suffering for having to play college basketball one year but the school suffers due to the on again off again recruiting, no stability in lineups, and numerous violations that will pile up due to players who could careless about your instutition ala O.J. Mayo, who told USC and Tim Floyd you got me for one season and thats it. This allows a coach to lose some control when the player dictates to him what he will do because of nba/ncaa rules.
 The latest in this farce of the nba is this season rookie sensation Brandond Jennings who thumbed his nose at the Ncaa and Nba for one season to go to Europe get paid actually try to develop a european style game to go with his street game. Jennings refused to let the ncaa get paid off of his talent and since he had to wait a year he went to europe for a year, and still got drafted high.
 Now that contract talks are soon to be under way the Nba should either reinstitute early entry to h.s graduating Seniors, or have real early entry rules for their future players that they supposedly care about and would like them to learn in college academics and games then make it mandatory that they must be in teh ncaa 3 years if not let it be like hockey and baseball and let these guys play after high school if they think they are ready.
 Nba really there is no difference between 18 and 19 the maturity is about the same
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